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Mrs. Duggan - School Nurse
Ms. Shannon Dekoyer - Interim Nurse (Sept-Oct)
862-306-7190  Ext. 1106


Dear Parents,

Listed below are policies that must be followed throughout the school year.  Please help us ensure the safety and well-being of all our students.   If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact the Nurse’s office.

Reasons for Keeping Your Child Home:

  • Fevers, 100 or higher
  •  Illness during the night
  • Complaints of nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, headache, or diarrhea prior to leaving for school
  • Unexplained rash on face or body
  • Severe cold, persistent cough and/or sore throat
  • Eyes that are, swollen, red, and crusty

*The school nurse will send home any child that exhibits any of the above.*

A Doctor’s Note is needed for:

  • For absences to be taken into consideration by administration
  • Absence of school for five (3) consecutive days or more
  • Return to school after being treated for any of the following communicable diseases:   Strep throat, scarlet fever, Pink Eye, Fifth’s disease, Ringworm, scabiesSeen in the doctor’s office:  Ex. Physical Examination, Immunizations and/or Injuries



Change of Information

A note must be submitted to the school when:


  • There is any change of information on a student’s emergency card

                    Ex. Telephone numbers, parent place of employment, or emergency contact person(s)

  • There is a change in who will pick up the student for the day



  • If your child needs medication during school hours, please do not send the medication with the student.  The parent must hand the medication to the nurse.
  • Contact the nurse to make arrangements for medication administration and discuss any allergies or medical concerns


    Health Screenings

  • As per the state mandate, students must be screened for vision, hearing, scoliosis, height, and weight. 
  • The screenings will take place throughout the year.
  • A referral letter will be sent home to parents for any screenings that do not fall within the normal range of limits.  A follow-up with a pediatrician is recommended.
  • If you do not want your child to participate in any one of these screenings:

 Please submit a letter by September 30th stating exactly which screening/s your child will not participate in.  The child must then be taken to a doctor to have the screenings done.  A note from the doctor with the results of the screenings must be handed in by March 1st.


                   Vision                                                Hearing                    

                  Kindergarten                                    Kindergarten               

                   2nd Grade                                          1st Grade

                  4th Grade                                      2nd & 3rd Grade


                   Scoliosis                                       Height & Weight

             10 yrs. old and up                                  All Grades


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