The Ugly Turkey by Emma
     On November 22, 2022, the 3rd grade classes, Mrs. Young, Ms. Palatucci, and Mrs. Naftalis had a Thanksgiving play called “The Ugly Turkey.” The character of “The Ugly Turkey” was played by Hunter. The play was about teaching others that being different is okay. Out of the few turkeys, the last one that was born looked way different from the others. They made fun of her, and she ran away. The Ugly Turkey knew it was almost Thanksgiving, and she had to save the turkeys from being eaten. When the turkey saw their ugly sister, she was not ugly anymore and not turkey. She was a pretty peacock. These teachers and students worked so hard to get this play amazing. And always remember to be yourself! Great job 3rd grade!!!       
   student actors on stage

Alfonso The Elf! By Jan 

 On December 18, 2022, there was a strange sighting in James Madison. Alfonso the Elf had come to OUR SCHOOL! Oh, boy was she fun, but she created a whole lot of chaos and a mess, climbing on anything she could find and pestering the staff at James Madison. We had never seen anything like it. She cleaned the stage but practically tripped on her own mess! Everyone was in shock that an elf could be so mischievous. The teachers went along because the students were having so much fun. Alfonso the Elf was flying on chairs and even climbed onto the highest part of the gym (which we don't condone here at school). Santa would not be happy! Alfonso the Elf climbed onto the students’ desks and laid on them as if nothing had happened. If anyone saw this elf, PLEASE report this naughty behavior to Santa. Old Saint Nick will not be happy! Alfonso the elf

Balloons Over Broadway by Darija

      On November 22nd, we had a robot parade in the hallway. For a few weeks, the 1st, 2nd, and 5th graders prepared for the parade during their Computer and STEAM classes. The 5th graders created the codes for the robots, the 1st graders created balloons floats, and the 2nd graders designed the pictures that decorated the hallway to look like New York City. The 5TH graders drove the robots using the programs they made. The road the robots used was a replica of the roads in New York that they use when they have the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The balloons the 1st graders designed were put on the robots so they can look like the actual floats just like they use in New York. We had so much fun!

 Balloons Over Broadway project float

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